Klippyo Review


Klippyo is not Just an impressive Video Editor, But one with Great media Resources, and Multiple venues of Social Media Ouput to Create Traffic

Klippyo is an easy to use video editor, with multiple sources of media content available, especially in the oto1 upgrade which offers content from Shutterstock saving you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. You could literally create a movie with this. I myself intend to use it to create mini movies, book trailers, and advertisement videos.

You have the ability to import your own video, youtube video, shutterstock media, and if you own Viddyoze, Viddyose intros, outros, and other videos. The combination and quality of media resource is quite innovative for our time.

Once you load your media on to timeline, you can load other media and stack it so that you create your movie and/or image train. You can add audio tracks, and according to what I hear voiceovers will become available soon, if not at launch.

But, that’s not all. You can also add quotes, animated text, and MEME’S. The Meme’s can be single or double Meme’s. You can control the sound within each video added or not have sound at all.

Once Done you then can adjust size of video, whether for youtube output, facebook square output, or portrait videos suitable for instagram. This allows you to take advantage of traffic to bring people to your pages, and/or offers.

I found it fairly easy to use and not to many switches either. It does not take too long to get use to it as far as learning curve. I would have liked a save button in the software so you could update it as you go, but they said software auto-updates and I saw nothing to prove otherwise. The other thing is that the initial loading of media onto track is a little slow but they said it is due to their converting shutterstock format to mp4 format.

If you want a more detailed view of how software works Click on button below as they have a very good demo of how their software works.

Bonuses For Klippyo

Xpagebuilder is a easy to use pagebuilder which works with blocks and is perfect to showcase your new videos that you make with Klippyo

Access 123

I must be nuts or something was in my juice but I am giving away here a software that I just reviewed. This is a perfect combination to Klippyo as you can sell your Videos right in this easy to use store.

Upon Purchase, please shoot me over an email so I can deliver you all of these two bonuses! (access123 & xpagebuilder)


or arramirez78244@gmail.com

Please allow 24-48 hours for us to set you up with your account.

Local Client Magnet

A perfect complement to Klippyo as this will give you a full workshop of videos on how to use Youtube to draw Clients to yourself like a magnet.

These images come in Png and Pdf format. You can use these graphics anywhere. Use them on your blog, your ebooks, your pdf reports, anywhere you can use a png.

More Royalty Free Images to Add to Your Collection that You can Use in Your Online Work.

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