Scribble Review


Scribble is an easy to use, well thought out, Ebook Creator with Loads of Templates that has Commercial License!

The first thing that attracted me to this product was the templates. I have worked with a few other e-book creators but this one has templates that touts predesigned pages. If you are satisfied with a “Plain Jane” e-book pdf for a report you can easily do this. In fact, you can just save a word doc as a pdf and you are done. Though you might have the information there for the reader to digest, it’s bland. In today’s world you need something more to hold their attention, otherwise they won’t read it and your lead magnet becomes less desirable. With Scribble I found lots of templates with lots of different page designs.

The templates are different in the way that the text is laid out, the image slots are laid out, and the flow of your content is laid out. What this means is you can provide a different experience for your readers, with fresh content everytime! You can also cater to clients who have various taste for their e-books or magazine newsletters for their business, because the front end of this product comes with a commercial license.

Here is a sample of page layouts below.

After you choose your layout, you then pick how you are going to enter your content. Either directly, by url input, copy and paste input, word doc input or dfy article input. Creating directly retains the full use of the templates. Yet, once you have input your content, you can also add pages to your content. If you have one of the oto’s you can select from any template group with any page, so with this option the internal layouts are endless as far as content combinations. This is good for you, and attractive for your clients.

You can edit the layout either with the legacy editor or the freehand editor. The freehand editor allows you to move text and images around, which is very convenient but both editors are good.

Here are the benefits:

  • Create cool looking lead magnets you can give away and build your list
  • Create ebooks for clients to increase their revenues
  • Create Training Courses
  • Create Digital Products to Sell
  • Create guides for your clients for their staff
  • Create recurring income via a magazine issue or newsletter.
  • and much, much more.

Conclusion: I found myself liking the number of templates and the flexibility of choice. I liked the choosing of different pages for you ebook. I liked that it was able to export in pdf, mobi, epub, and kindlebook mode along with a direct link as well. What I did not like is there was a tiny initial learning curve but not too bad once you got used to it. In the client area if you get that oto while you can collaborate with your client which is cool, it took me awhile to get used to it. I talk to them about some problems and they fixed it right away. There is a side panel on left which gives you more detailed editing which you also had to get used to.

Overall the positives greatly outweighed the negatives and I see great potential for this product. They intend to keep improving it and the support is good. I personally am using this product for a good portion of my work. There are many surprising things you can do with this if you let your creative mind go and go.

If you need more information from this product either watch the video above or click on the button below.

Bonus #1:
Graphic Design With Crello

Graphic Design with Crello is a Training that helps you unlock your design abilities with Crello. Crello is a free platform where you can design just about anything. Design bookcovers, presentations, gift cards, banners, facebook covers, just about anything you can think of.

Bonus #2 
Gutenberg is Fun

WordPress 5.0 is upgrading their editor with Gutenberg. It is actually fairly easy to use, however, at first glance it can feel quite intimidating. Why fumble and stumble for a few months when you can just learn it it easy steps and then apply it.

Bonus #3
Access123 for Free

I must be nuts or something was in my juice but I am giving away here a software that I just reviewed. This is a perfect combination to Scribble as you can sell your books right in this easy to use store. Pick up your copy before I get second thoughts about this.

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